Patterns for Ladies Knitted Dresses

Which character types are knitted dresses?

Patterns for Ladies Knitted Dresses

Since there are knitted dresses in different designs, is the right product for every figure. There are only a few things to consider: Big cable knit and thick wool best suited to tall, slender women, as these dresses apply some total. Women with feminine curves and small problem areas access to finer knits and thinner materials, which can also figure fine acting. With strong hips, the dress should not fit tightly, but loosely falling down. A true figure-fitted are longitudinal pattern, because this stretch optically. A casual waist belt emphasizes the one hand a slender waist and the other hand can conceal a little tummy.


What I wear under a knitted dress?

A short-sleeved dress is winterized with a turtleneck or long sleeve. Here, the material of the sweater should not be too thick. When the wool knit dress your very irritating to the skin, try using a petticoat of satin or cotton. This can be worn more comfortable and keeps you warm even in thin clothes. Under a knitted dress also includes a pair of tights. This can of course also be a pair of knit tights. However, if a striking plait or Norwegian pattern has on the dress, should choose an unpatterned, plain tights. And the other way is true: For a simple knit dress suit patterned or colorful tights.

Which jacket fits the knit dress?

Wool not for wool: When choosing what you wear on your knit dress from, the top priority is true! Avoid combining two different types of wool or knit together. So cardigan prefers to remain in the closet, if you run your knit dress. Choose a jacket instead a parka or a winter coat. A casual autumn look you create when you wear a leather jacket over your knit dress.


How do I combine a gray knit dress?

Even in a gray knit dress you can emit when you choose in accessories and shoes flashy styles. Tights in bright colors such as red, green or blue or in trendy checkered or striped pattern spice up the dress to casual. For a splash of color also can be a colorful scarf or a large chain care. With biker boots or cowboy boots, take the dress some of the strict action. To give your outfit the other hand, simple elegance, you decide for the pantyhose to classic black.


How do I wash my knit dress right?

With knit dresses cotton select a wash program that is not hotter than 30 degrees. Is your dress made of real wool, then take the wool program or wash your dress by hand. To protect the fibers, turn your dress to wash inside out and use a wool detergent. Remember that wool becomes saturated with water. That is: your dress needs a lot of space in the washing machine. After washing, gently pull it back into shape and dry it lying down. The dryer is taboo.


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Fabrics, cuts and colors: wool, fine knit, cotton, cashmere, sweater dress, turtleneck, scoop neck, buttons, winter dress, long sleeve, issued Norwegermuster, red, gray melange, gray, black, green, beige, knit.