Paul & Joe Reviews

In 10 years, the brand “Paul & Joe” became a fixture in the trendy girls’ locker room in the wind. Her playful spirit that mixes brilliantly british references and mischievous candor, has boosted the universe of the brand, which has diversified over time, to recently offer a little sister to the main line: “Paul & Joe Sister.” At the origin of this epic fashion, a woman: Sophie Albou.

A free spirit, a gaiety edgy, physical to the Alice in Wonderland … The designer Paul & Joe seems, despite the responsibilities, having maintained a zest for life inalienable. Happiness and enthusiasm it broadcasts without counting in its various collections.

Sophie Albou pronounced “Paul and Joe” rather than “Paul and Joe” because if now for us these sounds evoke dresses and jumpers hype boots dreams, for it they will always be associated with his son which are the names… Moreover, Albu Sophie is French and not English or American as could we do think the name of the brand or its collaboration in 2006 with the uS giant Target.

She began her life in Paris, where his family runs a textile company specialized in producing shirts. It evolves into a wealthy background makes good manners and habits and customs to be observed. All these codes later in his collections, will be diverted and treated with a touch of irreverence. However in adolescence the young Sophie is struggling to find its way…

She landed an internship at Azzedine Alaïa, who in 1987 was the zenith of its glory. She works Bellechasse Street, where style office, workshop and home of the creator coexist at the same address. It is in this atmosphere made of glitter and dreams she caught the fashion virus. A year later, Sophie Albou between the French Institute of Fashion.

After her graduation, she was hired as a stylist in the company of his parents. Suddenly, seeing her mother canvass, analyze the market, to build on the street to design its models, she realizes that fashion is not just for sketches surrounded by scraps of fabric and it will need to go much far to achieve feel the zeitgeist. And successfully translate it into clothing.

In 1995, her parents sell their business: Sophie is a sign. She decides to embark on the adventure, borrows and builds its brand “Paul & Joe.” If the budget is tight, its concept is bright. For Sophie Albou, far from venturing directly into the jungle ready-to-wear, decided to create man for the sector, which seems extremely gloomy him.

It therefore draws a cloakroom seventies inspiration: floral fabrics, fitted pants, vintage prints… and this is the jackpot! The collection is so opposite of what its competitors offer the general attention is focused on this young brand. The critic praises the freshness of its style, bold prints, and his sense of “mix and match”.

First launched in Japan and the Usa, euphoria is soon to win the hexagon, and soon the fans of the brand would like to see the talent of Sophie Albou dress women. This is what it will do in 1997, drawing the woman version of “Paul & Joe.” She distills its style of former girl of good family, and applies the philosophy that is dear to him: “Draw your clothes according to the one you want to be.” For her, it will be a woman of child cloakroom, evolving according to his desires, his travels and times that fascinate.

Well found there on major stylistic lines that already dominated the male line: all over prints, fine materials and falsely classical pieces . Romantic, elegant and quirky are the hallmarks of the work of Sophie Albou. In 10 years, she managed to make its brand a fetish shoe over a beautiful people… Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal and Usher are regularly seen wearing the Paul & Joe .

The success encountered by the Paul & Joe universe (the collections are sold in Corso Como, Barney’s, etc …, and the brand now has 30 stores worldwide) prompted Sophie Albou to broaden its scope . In 2003, it associates itself with a Japanese company leader in the cosmetics market and is launching a makeup line. Paul & Joe became a real life style: the brand now offers a line man, woman, child, lingerie, accessories and beauty…

Sophie recently Albu has wanted to offer young girls keen on fashion more accessible online in price, while maintaining the requirement of quality and creativity. For her, the ready-to-wear high-end must diversify and democratize, proposing bis lines could affect a larger number of people.

She wants to offer easy living rooms, rooms that make you want to mix genres and create her own fashion. For this, it considers the words of Coco Chanel “Fashion is what will we” very current! Thus was born “Paul & Joe Sister.” Sweet eccentricity, uniform hijacked, playful femininity, the dressing room of the new claw is definitely happy and terribly trend…