Penelope Cruz in Magazine

If for the April issue of the W Magazine He chose to Kate Moss, for the August chose another of the starlets of the time, who also is very much in vogue not only by the romance of the stars of the moment, Javier Bardem, but for his work as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and The Nine next to be released.

Penelope Cruz appears on a cover that seems taken directly from the Movida Madrileña. It is as if retrocedieramos in time and style of Pe had not changed when it appeared in the video of Nacho Cano: smooth hair side bangs, large hoops with makeup in a rose pelta.

But in the interior photo is a time jump and Spain most international actress shows us a look of English model of the 1960s that the contrast of black and white monochrome stresses even more. Long hair to short, marked make-up with black eyeliner and a more enigmatic smile. Addition in a singularity, in the interview the actress speaks a little of Javier Bardem.