Petite Pumps and Heels

They seem to come from ancient times but in reality they are fresh of fresh autumn / winter season. The heel 12 (and more) steps aside to make way for the average. Get off the stilts and make yourself comfortable!

The breakfast sfoggiarle was Catherine Deneuve in “Belle de Jour” 45 years ago , today’s stars such as Zoe Dechanel and Alexa Chang can not help it! Are the petite pumps , 3 centimeters of heels for a fair compromise between the heel 12 and dancers at ground level. Jimmy Choo has created a special line called “24-7” in order to accompany women “from morning to night, seven days a week. “Let’s face it … the shopping is nice but tiring! With these small pumps can run around all day in your city without experiencing the slightest discomfort and is not only a practical question . The beauty of the low heel shoes is that the body’s contours, stretch the calf and streamline the foot and are very versatile because they can be worn with skinny jeans, skirts, shift dresses and so on. For decades snubbed by the women of almost all ages because “were too lady,” now this common belief was debunked! Just excruciating pain in the foot, stopping every half hour and walk out of the game arriving exhausted in the evening when maybe you have to indossarne another pair, even high, for the evening clubbing.

This season the “heels means” have been adopted by designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin heels that usually associate with super sexy dizziness and so do the sites of online shopping as ASOS and on which the petite pumps grow visibly. Available in all kinds of color, glittered from the bare, polished by the suede give each style a touch of class which no one should ever deprive. Roger Vivier (creator of the Pilgrim model, that of the above Deneuve) has also created a version, mini course, which goes back to the shoe in the television series Gossip Girl , the Grimaldi prince gave to the queen of Blair Waldorf style . These “mini” pumps have been nicknamed the “chic comfort shoes” , women are calling, the designers say and not only them. You go shopping in the most exclusive streets of Milan or low cost chains like Zara petite pumps are there, ready to fall down at your feet! How can you resist?