Men’s Plus Size Hiking Pants

The hard-wearing men’s trekking pants are very comfortable and convince with high functionality and excellent wearing comfort. They offer you great freedom of movement and keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Among the trekking pants for men that are available in the 3XL store, there are shorts, 3/4 pants and long pants. Among them there are practical zip-off pants, at which the fabric parts attached by zippers can be removed so that they can be worn as long pants, 3/4 pants or shorts. Cycling pants used for outdoor sporting activities, are available in our range of athletic pants for men.

Colors and Fabrics

A challenge that enterprising men like to confront is to explore the world on trekking tours. Many of the tours take place in high-altitude mountainous areas or in the tropics. Therefore men must have high standards for trekking pants. They should keep you dry and protect you from wet when it rains, and keep you warm when it’s cold. Therefore, they are made of lightweight fabrics that keep you warm, have moisture and UV protection and are breathable. These include nylon with mesh lining or nylon with cotton lining. Many of men’s trekking pants offer multiple pockets for useful gadgets for the tour, such as a pocket knife, a compass or a bottle opener. The trekking pants are available in muted colors such as olive, sand, stone, night blue and anthracite, so that they can be combined well with athletic jackets, rain jackets and other outdoor clothes.

Men's Trekking Pants