Preview: Mtwtfss Weekday & Mtwtfss Weekday Collection

Actually we promised you first time quite far to move the winter, but as it is just like in fashion, we are looking for like equal collections at the same time: ss 2013, currently hanging in the shops, aw to 2014, already knowing what comes next and ss 2014, if we look back over the shoulders designers.

Confusion deluxe, is the motto and we also join in the whole verknoterei. One promise: after our german press days, review first is an end to winter and summer is forward looking. We are pleased now but a little bit to split your minds and to present you the latest looks from the house of weekday before nike tomorrow again will respond in detail. One thing is certain: weekday is definitely polarizing for the winter. But now the curtain on for: “the prodigy“ and “green army/black army”!

We with the courageous in-house line mtwtfss weekday started: futuristic prints, virtual aesthetics and synthetic materials the new weekday ushering in era. The 90s are developed further in fast forward, hitting’s space age and sci-fi inspired influences. Welcome to the tribal – and techno paradise. Virtual reality is now and finds expression through neoprene undsythetische choice of materials, by cybertech mentioned, prints, qr codes and other digital-looking details.

Eye cancer or next level? We are even a bit undecided and recommend measured dressups.

Goes mtwtfss weekday collection, that line is balm for the eyes in contrast to the mtwtfss weekday:
the theme „ green army/black army “ continues throughout the collection, appears in the form of military prints and cuts, meets on khaki green and is complemented by toasty warm, almost protective coats and knitted pieces.

As always, especially one in the focus is: the choice of materials and the purist pieces. It’s not about falling on and around the noisy, it goes to the well-being and to the passion for classic design.

A successful counterpoint to the noisy mtwtfss weekday line for winter, non?