Reading Tip: Susie Bubble Defends the Streetstyle Circus

Sometimes there are not many words, to hit the nail on the head and all critics to take the wind out of the sails. A handful of true arguments meet – at least in the case of Susie LAU. The Stylebubble blogger is without a doubt one of the most colorful birds to fashion heaven, known for ironic, brightly colored outfits and their endless experimentation. It was only a matter of time, when they for the phenomenon “Street style” would jump into the breach. Because while several voices in the industry whether the “ridiculous bustle” with eyes rolling and breaking hate speech from the fence, writes a short but crisp defense font bubble on our site. Street style had become crammed with clowns, a circus namely says. And: Street style isn’t “real” anymore.

Bubble asking: “but who is presiding over this council of stern judgment that decrees one outfit to be genuine or not? And what exactly is wrong with showcasing the more outré side of your personal style during fashion week-a time when we are all present to celebrate the most outre and directional collections that will shape our seasons?”
and what do we think even from the street style madness? About half as wild. I can speak freely sure me not, already one or another pitiful look towards very young fashion week visitors in very skimpy outfits thrown threw and the eye-rolling looks very familiar at the sight of waiting Pradiesvogel in LITA-heels. My understanding of people, which is just the ego stroking for romp before fashion week tents and thereby give a similar desperate picture as we ourselves, as we in the 6th class in the seven years were a crush on older graduates, is actually also available in borders. But not because I would bother me in their presence, but because I myself question, where because there just remains the pleasure of the thing itself. The bold experiment with passion, for the love of fashion.

If posing more looks like an act of desperation as for confident presentation of own interpretation of style, then it shakes me sometimes. But it’s not about all the hate articles. You don’t like are major stars of the street scene, besieged suddenly 300 instead of three photographers, women, the catwalk looks on the street wear – for all that is too much, too fake, too exaggerated. And here I was wondering: where would the fun, because if you would scan only ladies in jeans and a T-Shirt, in clothes for everyone,? On the route. I would venture to doubt that would actually help the fashion industry with the disappearance of the circus. And there probably also those belong to it, about which I could shake so far only with the head. Because once again: Who is presiding over this council of stern judgment that decrees one outfit to be genuine or not?

To Susie’s article it is going along.