Rediscovered: For All Saints For The Summer 2013 – And 3 Reasons To Take A Closer Look

One we noticed lately more often: in “investing basics” probably belongs to the best conditions to sparkle with an always fabulous outfit. A perfectly fitting jeans, an unobtrusive shirt, the preppy shirt (of course also blouse) and the always-compatible shoes – fit, sits, outlasts!

That is all saints collection for the summer to a such wonderful basic shopping mecca could turn out had we not frankly expected more, because the london fashion label had always same to us in the past but almost a little with his industrial music looks bored. But that’s – at least it is no longer quite so consistently pulled in the latest lookbook for the summer as before. We like!

Arrived just in berlin, all saints also already fix became the favorite number one focal point. But quickly i turned out that this always gloomy, serious look on life should somehow get bored. For almost a year i’ve been so more foot in the store, even though he had twice met us in berlin-mitte.

And now its own change of heart. All saints has changed or i simply just differently perceive the london fire?
Three compelling facts come at the latest lookbook in mind and pack sent to the own purchase justifications:

Fact 1: skin a vest ’ s just out – no matter whether from solid denim or in zarterer version, and up to the knee. The vest, at very charming effort, spices up any yet as dull outfit on us be summer really no longer missing this. And all saints make models, in addition to the classic levi’s, quite what forth.

Fact 2: uncertainty set to muted tones. Yes, grey, white and black seem sometimes boring, fact 1 but can for example thanks to everything other than bleak therefore come. And the result in the lookbook.

Fact 3: how well sits please this torn jeans shorts? Instead of skintight mini-shorts, are at all saints the tattered boyfriend edition. And that’s not only fantastic (admittedly, the dunnbeinigen model), but also still pretty comfortable looks.

Convinced? Granted, we get these basics elsewhere, and yet we are all saints insanely grateful for this renewed “basic mnemonic”. Let’s see if the reality check offers weekend!