Renewed Call for Help at Primark

Almost Primark has can purge yourself of the accusation that Indifferent to treat his employees. Now comes the next, real big scandal. This is once again a call for help – and this time seems not to be a forgery.

As a consumer you not more quite know what to keep is by some textile discount stores. A few months ago apparent were cries for help of oppressed workers in garments found, which were sewn in labels. You school in counterfeiting. A short time after the message, surprised that Greenpeace dining cheap fashion chain Primark and co. for its clean textile production praises. And now everything is again different.

With 290 worldwide branches you could say: running at Primark! And yet rumours about the working conditions behind the welcoming façade are told for years again and again

Call for help in socks found
As the father of a British family in his new Primark socks discovered a piece of paper with Chinese characters and showed the discovery of his daughter. Curious what it probably may be doing, posted the student a photo of them on her Instagram account with a request for assistance. Different users with knowledge of Chinese have reported to Word the document was translated soon.

Horror story or truth?
The message should come from a certain Ting Kun thing, 39 years old and from the Chinese province of Anhui. His allegations are shocking: he was been kidnapped and locked in the jail because he carefully did you put his wife in the Psychiatry on the corruption of the local administration and murdered his father in a hospital. At the Embassy, alleged Ting Kun DIN is also a phone number allegedly belonging to his brother.

Allegations in part confirmed
Under the Hashtag #helptingkunding has the message in social networks is spreading faster. And it should be a lot of truth it. Upon telephone request by “our site”, a village Party Secretary confirmed thing, which should be currently in fact in pre-trial detention in Anhui the existence of Ting-Kun. Also he have protested several times in Beijing due to unfair conditions at his workplace in Jiangsu. The Government offered equivalent of 7000 euros him, to make him quiet. He took the money and still making noise.

The allegations to Ting Kun thing confidant, however, were not fully to confirm. So his father should be, died while last year however for disease reasons. And that his wife was based up in psychiatric treatment, on a self briefing. Meanwhile, Primark also has officially expressed on the subject. You take the findings very seriously and wanted to examine him thoroughly.

The alleged calls for help, which were sewn last year in textiles of the Primark brand, school in a forgery. Supposedly they activists who wanted to draw attention to the terrible working conditions in production were