Returns Project Runway

Today let me tell you about my favorite program, does not have many, rather none, good if America’s Next Top Model, which I already wrote at the time at the same time that affectionately threatened to try to confine followers for this, the show that robs me forty minutes per week that I let myself be removed with all the pleasure and taste of the world: Project Runway, a reality show, but not a reality show any, a competition in which a group of aspirants, semi-acclaimed designers, students, or people who do not work the fashion industry but gifted, compete for a niche in the New York fashion week.

Don’t tell me that topic is not interesting, award is the guarantee that the contest has Foundation, and is to have it, because the dynamics of the program’s contestants to overcome a challenge that normally is to design and manufacture a garment as shown in your presenter, Heidi Klum, and the cloister of sages that acts as a jury, and is formed by Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Magazine fashion, and a member that is rotating and is normally a prestigious designer or a personality of the scene. This year, in its fifth edition, they are advertised among others Diane Von Fustenberg, Francisco Costa, Cinthya Rowley, or my friend Rachel Zoe.

I’ve swallowed my four previous seasons and “hooked” the same day I saw appearing Sarah Jessica Parker proposing to the contestant performed a series of three pieces for his Bitten collection.

All those to which the ins and outs of the industry like, It is worth “wasting” a time to view it, because the process of the elaboration of a garment lives from scratch, to time trial; contestants typically have one week to pass their tests, which range from making an evening gown, a set of underwear, to a casual, until an assignment for a designer look or a few department stores, have little money, and must do it all without help from anyone, have a table and a sewing machine in the prestigious Parson completo school facilities and starting from there , and under the supervision of Tim Gunn, Director of the Center and an unforgettable character, they have to wake you.

At the end of the season are three finalists who have three months to draw up a complete collection presented at New York Fashion Week and there itself choose the true winner. Last year, Victoria Beckham was a member of jury at the end, and indeed, has on several occasions his conqueror parts, Christian Siriano, a 21 year old student that I assure you, is a crash and is in fact already doing too much noise

And that was one of his top rivals Rami Kashou, Designer israeli, well known in the circle of Hollywood and that he did and makes a wonderful evening dresses.

Said, do not miss it, this season is very strong, put it on Wednesdays on Bravo, indeed was released yesterday, and we have to make do with seeing it at least one day later on that channel of videos that we all know and that You start and end by Tube. If you cannot find it you will be sending the links.

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