Roberto Cavalli in The Men’s Milan Fashion Week

Roberto Cavalli He put on the runway of Milan rock music with a collection inspired by the bad guys who changed music and fashion in the 1970s. The Italian designer has left inspire and help for your child, Daniele Cavalli, that 20-year-old traditional man has transformed all luxury, that we were used to seeing, and the eccentricities of his father, in a rocker of rampant and poetic, life as Jim Morrison, leader of The Doors. I prefer the man of his father.

Predominate in his collection the leather pants, tight to the leg and skinny, something that I do not like anything for the man. T-shirts and jackets are fitted. And black is the dominant color.

Under the notes of the fourth album by The Doors, The Soft Parade (1969), paraded the rocker of the 21st century: long hair, trousers of black leather, boots, buckles and t-shirts in snake skin, more male because “the snake we use for women’s fashion”, specifies Daniele Cavalli.

The hombre-estrella of the rock of Cavalli does not hesitate to put black shirts, of snake skin, bright fabrics and take to the streets dressed in a radiant white fur coat. Too feminine. A fashion that personally I do not like anything, but it is clear that there are tastes of all kinds.