Slept sweetly with Sebra


For many children‘s bed one of the safest places are available. Especially whenmom or dad snuggles with them under something warm and lovely linens and read a nice bedtime story. With in-room will be a pure dreamland Sebra. The brand isknown for the many motifs and shapes on their nice bumpers and linens, so the child can easily dreams in sleep. In fact, you can create an entire beds orsleeping environment for your child or your children, for the brand Sebra can deliver most Interior  ranging from lamps and shelves for linens and evensleeping bags, as many kids think it‘s fun to sleep in. There are also magneticboards, practical path to the nursery and bags for the toy. Lamps from the brandavailable both as ceiling lights, wall lights and bedside lamps, and you canfind everything for babies with us in Sebra With us you will get a good service and we offer free * shipping and even swap and you always have 30days return. We call that good service!


Sebra is the children’s good taste


Many erroneously believe that the children do not go up very much in style and fashion, but most parents know deep down well  and have even experienced it that children do not have to be quite large, before they begin to interfere inwhat for some clothes, toys and furniture they want in their room. The kids also see advertising just like the adults, and they look first and foremost, whatfriends have. Interior of the nursery from Sebra will satisfy even the most demanding children, because the design is both beautiful and fun, and there issomething for virtually all age groupsfrom babies to children up in 10 to 12years of age. In addition, the solid goods, so much will be able to be reused,if family is increased by one or more stragglers. Some of the brand’s interiorstuff can even easily used by adults — for example, many of the lamps, and something like shelves do not have any particular age segment. A magnet Boardfrom mark may also be particularly useful in a kitchen, in which adults use therefrigerator to put sticky notes, shopping lists, pictures of the kids, the kids ‘ school schedule and many other things up.


Sebra is Danish design


Danish design is indeed gradually a concept known in the wide world. It stands for quality and functional design, and that is exactly what the Danish brand is.Sebra designs and produces furniture, bedding and other accessories for kids andtheir rooms. The company was founded in 2004 by Mia Dela, who is a qualifieddesigner from Kolding Design School in 2001. Start of Sebra was at the end of2002, where she became a mother for the first time. It required, of course, achildren’s room, and as a trained designer she threw himself into organising achildren’s room even. The market welcomed not on particularly much children’sinterior quality and design that lived up to the designer’s taste, so shestarted the company Sebra, how much of the collection is handcrafted and made ofnatural materials and with an innovative color choices.
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