Show Off Summer with a Look of Two Pieces

This summer are the two-piece looks coordinated, or what is the same, a top and a garment below with the same pattern and fabric. Absolute balance! Pencil skirts or flight, mini-skirts, shorts, culottes all… married perfectly with their respective top. A irresistible duo perfect for showing off summer.

Go to game is in fashion. My favorite are the simple, monochrome, but there are also hollow to eye-catching prints, floral prints, stripes or fun fruits. Celebrities and bloggers not have been able to resist this trend. Kendall Jenner, Diane Kruger, face Delevigne… have shown fantastic and stylish outfits in two parts, as well as sensual, because usually they are committed to teach the navel.

Kendall Jener looks perfect with this outfit on day of striped black and white trouser shorts and a crop top, some of the combinations that I like best, ideal to show sandals.

Diane Kruger you prefer a bet more informal and casual with a very simple two-piece white; Face Delevigne I won in Madrid with this style of check pattern in relief, consisting of a crop top with sleeves and high-waisted shorts.

An irresistible duo perfect for showing off summer, that our usual brands nor have been able to resist so go super cute.

Our usual shops offer us Rory parts. One of my favorites is this romantic bet in white with midi and Zara openwork sleeves top skirt.

Much more fun is the pattern of pineapples, one of the most watched this summer. In Fashion Pills You can find this more informal choice with mini skirt and sleeveless top.

Original and striking is this look padded in dusty pink of ASOs skirt with ruffle detail.

No missing flowers! Kira Plastinina, one of my great discoveries of this year which do not resist names like Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins, housed in its summer collection this outfit so cute of body midi skirt and short sleeve.