Showtime by Kylie Minogue

A few weeks ago that the austrlaiana was news not only because she began a new world tour KylieX2008, but because the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier It is responsible for creating all the costumes for the singer for this tour. Something very to the Spice Girls with Cavalli, although it is normal that some of the biggest stars used to big names to create their pieces of fantasy.

But Kylie does not stop on his tour, but that he still had time to launch a new fragrance: Showtime, and with the mental imagine that what the singer is trying to convey with this new scent is everything that happens behind the scenes and on stage during one of his spectacular concerts.

Fruits and flowers are a mix that creates Showtime that, after Darling, It is the following success of Kylie in the world of perfumery. Also created in conjunction with Coty, the most sensational of the fragrance is the bottle containing it, a disco ball in pink whose sparkles are the same that radiates the Minoge onstage. In addition, obviously laprotagonista of the campaign is the own Kylie dressed in a shiny silver dress fringes, which may be part of what created Gaultier for her.