Slimming Leggings Test

Ah this slimming leggings, one can say that plot. Remember I mentioned in here … and I had a bunch of mails (especially recently, it’s funny in winter) asking “so what legging, in the end, what do you think?”

So here is the return of leggings and especially what I think after test.

  • First point: even after washings X (I know not tell you how I did it), the legging keeps the same shape, the same level of restraint (I remind you that it has an effect on water retention and therefore it compresses a bit gams) and the same aspect (that of a black treggings online)
  • Second point: it is ultra-comfortable to wear and discreet enough. Personally, I put on when I know I’ll get off my butt (otherwise it is useless) and it lets me move without feeling tight.
  • Third, what you expect all, its effectiveness.So, I have to be honest with you, in the sense that I have obviously not worn daily, continuously. I do cures and I have my periods to put it.
  1. From there, I have to say on the immediate effectiveness, success is there, shapely leg, drains and makes it less loose.
  2. In the long term, I associated with anti-cellulite creams, so hard to say whether without it the result would have been the same, but I know I’ve used these creams and the results that I have had.In my case, large hams as water retention, rather with aqueous cellulite (yum), well leggings really helped me lose in girth, my legs were thinner. I had obviously associated it with a food awareness that successful me, (read here if you want) but I usually difficult to lose in the legs.

BALANCE SHEET / What I have to do: get back to erase all traces of tartiflette, raclette and other Flemish stew (yum true) but Chuttt, winter is not over.

My advice: if you cross the leggings and the shorty, bet on the leggings. Shorty in my opinion is rather uncomfortable, unsightly (far from “above suspicion” under the clothes, it mold ham and where there’s more ham, nature takes its course->mochitude assured because it “overflows “) while legging shapely leg is quite portable and delivers results.

Meanwhile I with a picture of me and my long legs, Miss France had better hold