Snejana Onopka Reviews

It is one of the most promising girls from the Viva agency, she has been photographed by Mario Testino, Anna Wintour in grimée for French Vogue… Snejana Onopka integrated in just two years of life, the very select seraglio tops that pulls.

Ukrainian We feel that the young lives a daydream: in the backstage interviews, Snejana punctuates every sentence with a “it’s coool” candid. Diaphanous almost evanescent, its classical physics to the extreme makes it mysterious. In his native Ukraine, dreamless Snejana grew flakes or podiums, she lived in modest circumstances in a loving family.

However, on a day in Kiev, his future plans will change. It is in the street it is located, it is proposed to incorporate a company: it is 15 and accepts. It will start work in Japan, where his body type is eagerly sought, however it does not work. The fact that Snejana a little there by chance it will not take as a personal failure refusals she wipes at Japanese castings. Becoming a model is not yet a real goal for her…

Back in Kiev, she signed with the Metropolitan agency. However, soon after, his agent gives him the opportunity to join DNA (an American agency), and when Snejana learns what girls working for DNA (Natalia Vodianova, Linda Evangelista, among others…) she does not hesitate a second. That’s when things will really take off for her: she later said she was there at the right place at the right time…

Like many models whose careers have soared barely entered the market, its not crossed those of Steven Meisel. This allowed him to quickly access strategic locations necessary for a future top pedigree, including the cover of Italian Vogue. Acclaimed by the master fashion photographers, the girl was quickly included in prestigious ad campaigns: Prada, Lanvin, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. D & G said she love the work so glamorous and sexy, for she needs to feel sexy to be well…

The logical result of such events is to get on the catwalks. Her slender figure, her porcelain face and her perfect complexion had no trouble seducing designers … The spring-summer 2006 collections have propelled the heart of the most exclusive shows: Christian Lacroix, Marc Jacobs, Fendi , Balenciaga and Chanel. Chanel … she made the acquaintance of Karl Lagerfeld, whom she candidly confessed his desire to be the next face of Chanel.

If his absence was noticed during New York fashion shows fall-winter 2007, it did not in any way a denial on his part or a lack of interest of designers for it: the girl simply had to choose between scroll or ask for campaign Shiseido. And as the lack arises desire, that we saw on the Milanese catwalks. Burberry to Gucci through Dolce Gabbana, she was one of the It girls of the season.

Small downside, the pronounced slimming Snejana Onopka was forbidden to participate in the fashion week in Madrid. Indeed, the test of the BMI can not win: its 14.6 pales when one considers that below 18 BMI, girls are considered underweight… This stops the Spaniards because Snejana Onopka was booked her on the Haute Couture shows this summer without any problems.

In terms of his life outside the shootings and shows the girl remained very close to his family, and as soon as his schedule allows it, she went to join them. By necessity she lives in New York, because for her this is where everything happens, however, in the future she would like to live in London.His future in modeling? For now she loves affluence afforded him this job, she was able to buy several apartments in Kiev and succumbed to the charm of a Bentley “Limited Edition”.

Regarding fashion, she falls for the Fendi crocodile bags, but covers the whole single jeans. Luxury bag + casual look, the girl seems to have understood the basics of style “hype-cool” to expensive models. And if all were to stop tomorrow (which also seems unlikely that Anna Wintour in thongs)? Snejana Onopka would start gladly linguistic studies and try to become a lawyer.