Street Style at New York Fashion Week

For fashion lovers, September is not just the month that begins the work, greet the holidays and go back to autumn clothes: September is the month of fashion par excellence, where shows are held on the most important international catwalks world, primarily New York, followed by London, Milan and Paris. September is the month in which the trends are taking off and determines the style of an entire season, that of clothes and accessories that we will see in the windows of the most prestigious shops but also in those of the great low cost chains which, in turn, will inspired by that style often so even tacitly. But it’s really on the catwalk trends that come to life? Those dresses that are seen parading and that seem so unreachable are the real and only reference point for the trendsetters around the world?Surely the work of designers is the leitmotif of events such as those of the weeks devoted to fashion, however, the point on which you move a good part of the attention is site down from the catwalk is the street style.

Bloggers, experts, celebrities, fashion personality and not await the parades in fancy dresses, elegant or somewhat whimsical, important or very simple, of famous designers or completely unknown, and their goal is only one: to be photographed. The wait for the start of the shows, in fact, is characterized by the arrival of hordes of fans (not always invited, though) who choose the opportunity to affirm their own style, to confirm the trend or announce new ones.Something tells us that the choices are not always the best (see photo below) but it is certain that the style in the street is often much more interesting than the one shown by the greatest designers in the world. Because? Simple: it appears more achievable.

Someone comes in jeans and t-shirt, but it makes the very special thanks to the accessories; someone reconfirms the famous trend of the top crop, the much-loved short top 90s; the models are portrayed during breaks between a parade and another and seem just common girls.And then there are the bloggers, surely one of the axes of the organizers in the sleeve: it girlswith thousands of followers that they just turn into many thousands of potential customers.This is why, very often, the fashion houses choose their own blogs as a vehicle to show the most: it is common now to find the streaming of major fashion shows right there, on the site of our favorite bloggers (or those who just do not it goes down).

During the fashion weeks, some of the photographers who flock to the venue are specialized in their street style. Some of the most famous blogger, in fact, have become such precisely because their photos are not just focused on the new collections of so and so, but on what they wore those who participated in the parades: Scott Schuman ( The Sartorialist ), Lee Oliveira , The Cool Hunter and many others have brought into vogue the street style phenomenon where it was unexpected, where only the fashionable haute couture, that closed in stunning locations chosen for the fashion shows, was to be the protagonist, making it even more interesting.

Here are other shots directly from the New York Fashion Street SS 2015: