Summer Floral Fashion

In September, we can still play with a flowery dress experimenting with new looks and bringing with us the spirit of spring.

Summer Floral Fashion

There are endless varieties of garments for “flowers”: printed or applied, painted or embroidered, on a contrasting background or tone sur tone, stylized or detailed… Normally we find them in the spring collections suggesting every year a very wide range of combinations and looks. However this is not necessarily linked to the hot weather clothes: the flowers can be worn at any time of year, just find the right variation in combinations.

The trend this season is designed by combinations with tissues peek-a-boo and a vaguely oriental style. However there are also famous exceptions, such as bicolor flowers applications Prada or optical effects to Moschino.

Effect peek-a-boo

We offer two leaders of the SS2013 season playing differently with transparencies.

Zara has launched a collection with oriental designs, able to attract Chinese traditions but in a contemporary way. We propose a transparent shirt declined in autumn version and for the city: the purity of white plays with the powder pink shades and an element from the most saturated colors (in this case the transparent red coral shrug), complete the look with understated elegance.

A cache shirt coeur floral boo Zadar under bandeau flesh-colored bandeau bra / Coprispalla red coral Turtles / Eyeshadow Collistar Satin / Lipgloss Shaka / bag antique pink paint by Calvin Klein / necklace of fake pearls H & M / White Skirt adherent with strap cuioi pink H & M / Repetto ballerinas.

On the same tones the beautiful Marni dress: here the voile game is linked to the trend of the summer season. This time the flowers are mentioned with a stroke of the brush, the peach rose is balanced harmoniously with the dark shadows and the romantic line allows groped more complex combinations. In this example we offer the rigorous dress matched with a maxi black crocheted shawl and dark hooves vintage. The rest? strictly powder, nude and pink gold.

Dress model years ’40 with blacks mentioned flowers and fishing Marni maxi black leather bag Fjords-bags / Set of low-cost eye shadows by Catrice / Collistar / Sandalwood Pink Nail Polish black leather curved heel and platform 13 by Ann Demeulemeester / Clock with beige strap Fossil / rose gold bracelet Roberto Coin / Shawl black perforated Pimkie / rose gold ring domed Bronzallure.

Floral prints, dress

Some fashion leaders of the summer propose floral print dress, able to “dribble” the trends of the next decade.

While Zara offers stylized prints a bit ‘in the eastern flowers from Japanese pond, this green and pink dress is a garment that can be used in different seasons and in the next 15 years.Find the combinations is a breeze: take the colors of the flowers in the accessories is a must. Allow shoes and jerseys cream. To avoid dark colors.

Printed green dress with pink flowers Zara perfume Eau de Cartier / Eyeshadow Color infallible L’Oreal Paris / Shoe plateau pink colored powder of Pull & Bear / necklace mop pink mother of pearl and crystal / handbag colored powder Marni / pink enamels OPI / Cardign closure bow Mama Licious.

Skirts and dresses flowered suggest simple combinations and the choice of colors is “controlled”, it is the case of this beautiful NeroGiardini skirt that takes the concept of peek-a-boo and softens with darker tones. Tobacco background, the designer speckled flowers dove gray and blue sugar paper and autumn leaves rust-colored. Blue and brown always has an elegant effect, able to put an exclamation mark on your personality. Osateli.

Skirt taupe flowers and blue leaves and rust NeroGiardini Enamel Diego dalla Palma dove gray / blue sweater perforated the new COS / COS Lace Up Shoes collection to take with openwork stockings blue Parisian of GoldenPoint / Shirt blue paper layers of Esprit sugar / natural Lipstick by Benecos / rust-colored shoulder bag COS / Ombretti les tentations Chanel.

 Contemporary flowers

Can not miss the trend par excellence of the season: Prada launches the figure of a Geisha and futuristic blend of lotus flower prints to bi-color applications and ingenious materials such as PVC. The flowers are jewels, decorations and we also find them on the shoes. The genius of this season is that you do not need a total-Prada-look: just a valuable accessory and the rest of the game is to impersonate the geisha that is in us. Permitted in autumn black skin and minimal lines.

Accessories Collection Prada SS2013-handbags and sunglasses red enamel fire by Chanel / Comb Japanese / white vest Max & Co. / Skirt Red adhering Anna Field / Sandals flat wedge model Geisha by Prada / black leather jacket Preview autumn-winter Stefanel / eyeshadow with Japanese umbrella design by Pupa.