The 45 Most Beautiful Winter Coats from 50 Euro

Second, forget the current winter trends such as velvet dresses and button blouse. What you need for the cold days first, is a really good coat. Our site has discovered the five key trends of the season and the most beautiful models to the Nachshoppen.

The best investment is always a coat in the winter. But with a coat, it’s like with a man: it can take forever to find the right with which it wants to spend the next years. So eyes open when purchasing a coat! With the our site checklist you find out which model is right for you:

  1. what interface do I get?
    The most important criterion is your body size and stature. Are they small and dainty? Then do not Oversize coats, you would sink it visually. Much better are parts that don’t go up to the knee. Because: The shorter the coat, the longer is the leg. The curved type cannot rely on the A line. There is classic with belt and vibrating coat skirt. Large women may trust the new, masculine models with oversized shoulders up.
  2. what length fits to what outfit?
    Everything from the short Caban coat up to the far cut boyfriend coat goes with Skinny Jeans . Marlene pants, Flared Jeans or a suit any length fit, the coat should be but fitted or combined at least with a belt. For skirts and dresses: the coat should be necessarily longer than the skirt or the dress. The safe number is a calf coat, perfectly so if you want to make only a single model!

And these are the new winter coats Trends 2015/2016:

1 Leomäntel
Hello cat-woman! Coats with Wild Leo-print are thanks to style icons like Catherine Deneuve from our wardrobes to indispensable (72) and Kate Moss (41). Who to trust, should wear times bright colors such as orange and purple instead of the classical colours black and beige to the extravagant coats in big cats look!

  1. Camel coats
    You are always with a kamelfarbenen coat . You can wear the jacket classic casual and chic – and this for decades! Warning, if you have a complexion with a slight pink color or toffee hair, then the colour of a camel’s hair coat is not the most beneficial for your type.
  2. fake fur coats
    Fluffy Fake Fur Coats not only keep warm, but are again fully in trend this winter. Unfortunately, the voluminous coats are no figure flatterer. Who is not slim and tall, should wear high heels to the plush coat. Stretch the otherwise slightly bulky overall picture. A belt at the waist conjures up a feminine silhouette.
  3. Plaid jackets
    Whether large plaid pattern or small Pepita pattern – squares are a great theme this season. Neutral colors (black, white and grey) impact the coats not extravagant, but elegant and combine so easily to any outfit. Brave mix to the plaid jacket a scarf or a pants in a signal color like orange.
  4. jackets in pink
    Coats in Pastel pink are the hit – it’s not easy to combine this color adult and cool. Therefore, the cuts must remain clean. The coats may be also like masculine cut. Great combination colors are not colors such as black, white and gray, but also the new trend colour Bordeaux.