The Collection of Paintings of Yves Saint Laurent Will Be Auction

This year the fashion world suffered an irreplaceable loss with the death of the great genius of Yves Saint Laurent. And famous, celebrities and personalities from the industry paid him tribute in a sense goodbye to the creator of the feminine tuxedo.

But some may purchase a piece of the good taste of the designer francoargelino through the auction that will be held 23-25 February 2009 for charitable purposes. This auction includes the collection of art that Yves gathered over a lifetime and that include fantastic works by such renowned authors as Picasso, Matisse and Degas, as well as Roman and Baroque sculptures, and some works from China.

This magnificent collection gathered by Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé It is expected that you raise some EUR 300 million, which I do not doubt that it is passed as the good taste of the two is well known worldwide. Berge said at the Conference that the sale was announced: “If I am proud of something in this collection, are the standards of quality that Yves Saint Laurent and I always brought to the acquisition of objects”. So the lucky ones may acquire a Degas dancer or a beautiful Impressionist painting by Matisse. A sumptuous collection and nothing despicable so Christie’s It is considered one of the auctions of the century.