The Comeback of UGG(LY) Boots – So Styling Them Now

Either you love them or you hate them – there is talk of ugg boots, the largest Australian export hit. In recent years it had become quiet around them – thanks to prominent fans such as Kendall Jenner (20) and Gigi Hadid (20), they could reach again this winter it status.

Every year it’s the same game: drop the temperatures for the first time below 10 degrees, we start to ask what shoes our feet can overwinter best us panic. A shoe POPs as first in our thoughts on: the UGG boot.

That thought Australian shoes suede – originally to warm freezing surfers feet – look while some getting, but are lined with warm Sheepskin and (okay, we admit it) mistaken comfortably. The word “Ugg” is the Australian term for “Boots” – as many wrongly assumed, so don’t touch the name of the representative of its chunky appearance and therefore has nothing to do with the English term “Ugly” (German: ugly) to do.

And who carries them today?

Last seen in the clunky shoes were how trendy it girls:

Charlotte Casiraghi (29)

Model and professional rider Charlotte Casiraghi is us, how you skillfully in the boho look dark blue UGGs styles: grey skinny jeans, grey wool Cape and black Fedora Hat

Gigi Hadid (20)

The fresh-baked Victoria’s secret Angel Gigi Hadid combined their sand-colored UGGs at the sporty leggings and a slingback, elegant mantle in the military look

Kendall Jenner (20)

“You need the box?” “No, I let on just that!” Kendall Jenner combined their recent addition to black skinny jeans, black turtle-neck and olivefarbenem jacket. She wears here, by the way, the latest, narrow UGG model with a small wedge heel – assigned heels (which is unfortunately everywhere on the streets) have so no chance!

Chrissy Teigen (29)

Chrissy Teigen, her character model, the passion of RnB singer John Legend (36) and recently pregnant, combined their UGGs very elegant black dress, opaque tights, leather jacket and Fedora hat. She hides her baby bump under a thick wool coat

Follow now but still great UGG-boot-comeback among the fashionistas? We give you three tips that the boots now skillfully style:

  1. stay away from the baggy look

You want to give your comfortable ugg boots not grounded? No. Problemo. Your comfort boots outside their homes but never in the Schlabberlook a walk wearing. Means: the boots are off limits in combination with jogging pants! The Uggs make your legs appear much shorter, for the lower leg volume doubled.

  1. lay low

Some ladies wear thick boots in the summertime like walk – so for example, Eva Longoria (40) and Hilary Duff (28) have been ridiculed already in the short dress with bare legs in ugg boots. Makes sense, not so much shortened the legs visually, evokes associations of Vicky the Viking, and is unfortunately far from being sexy. Would you still access to the dress, then choose please Black opaque tights that look to stretch their legs.

No love Hilary Duff (28), we have unfortunately no photo for you. In combination to dress and bare legs the UGGs can appear unfortunately somewhat stocky legs of actress

  1. access to the dark Leggings or skinny jeans

Best ugg boots look like if you combined them into one dark Leggings or skinny jeans – the latter gladly made from dark denim. And topless? Elegant, the outfit in combination with a wool poncho or cape, a black turtleneck and Fedora is hat. Parkas, Blousons, or solid color sweatshirts provide a sporty look. By the way: Ugg boots in camel get along great with thick oversized knit sweaters in Navy!

Why were the fur treads at all trendy?

The boots of everywhere great popularity enjoyed for years – the hype started about years ten ago with prominent wearers like Sarah Jessica Parker (50), who performed their Uggs not only at the airport or movie set, but carried through the streets of New York. Shortly afterwards, Kate Moss (41) helped the boat in London to great popularity.

Quickly jumped it girls like Blake Lively (28) and Mischa Barton (29) on the wave of the trend. Since then you can see all over the world shuffle women of all ages in the fur representatives (or more often in fake models) over the asphalt and even men:

Adam Sandler (49)

The actor makes here very exemplary, as man is not wearing his UGGs. Hey, stop! Can you wear the fur treads as man at all? And what did he hide it in his trouser pockets? A family Pack Hagos? His DVD collection?