The Dramatic Style of Billionaire Italian Couture

When you reveal who is the owner of this Italian fashion firm, you are going to understand 100%. With money you can try to create a new style but class is not included in the pack. Billionaire Italian Couture He was born with the idea of being different and succeeds with an impossible fashion.

This signature for billionaires was created by Angelo Galasso, designer, and Flavio Briatore, Renault F1 and the famous man thong. It should be few complexes to dress his collection although, apparently seen, who surprised.

These images are from the collection Spring-Summer 2009 and received criticism after last year, they return to the load. Printed impossible, ill-advised combinations and the same model with a bitter face.

Quality materials and the original you want: there are items that they should not be invented, as color leather jacket camel of the photo above. It is impossible that they have made it with my toy loom because it continues at home but reminded me bags that used to make me myself with ribbons and gros-grain.

This shirt can be blue-stamped but when you see that they intend to combine it with the blouse hung from the tree, you go long. The same with the combination of the main photo: dramatic.

The Americans are of the most spectacular, in the photo above, you have a good example. Well, partying and illuminate the disk, okay. Like in your honor put the Dee-Lite music and succeed at all.

And when you think you have found a wearable, simple and summer white, blind you eyes the Cowboys cowboy. Yes, as the authentic from the far-west, with the centerpiece where goes the zipper or buttons but instead of brown leather is white, which is more chic.

And you wonder: who sold those male clothes? Among its clients are Paul McCartney, Mohamed Al – Fayed, Geoffrey Moore, David Beckham and Mike Tindall. Although about tastes, colors: If you like it, you do not cut. Long live the freedom of choice of style.