The Girlfriend of Matthew McCounaghey Launches a Line of Bags

If one has to have several different jobs for the month, it is now also in show business what is the style is moonlighting. Models designing, singers who designed, actresses who design and others. A long list that continues to grow. As if being a designer it was what was fashionable today.

And to say, that list whose last acquisition is Mischa Barton and its line of handbags, is that another famous comes to make competition the girl The O.C. In this case it is the model Camilla Alves, who is the current girlfriend of the handsome Matthew McCounaghey and is expecting her first child.

So between accompany Mat around the world in his films and commercials for Dolce & Gabbana, the Alves has had time to create a line of handbags graduates MUXO the initials of the phrase are “thank you” in Portuguese. His partner is nothing more and nothing less than his mother, for what that everything should be in family.

As supposed model is Brazilian, and therefore said that his two influences come you in his native country and in New York, so the result is something between chic and Bohemian (much sounds to me like the line of Mischa), which your partner is the first fan that is loading a bag type Brown postman in leather.

I have to say that I think that there is a glut of designers bags. Okay that women are addicted to buy different models, colors and sizes season season, but this is exhagerado.

Perhaps you should recommend to change of accessory. Shoes or getting that we already have two Kings, Manolo and Christian. Maybe hats for Aston, would be good supplementing the horrendous models that year after year we see.