The Guys from High School Musical 3 Also Conquers Paris

After passing through Stockholm to be released film, the boys of High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and the handsome Zac Efron, follow European tour and yesterday landed in Paris to present to the press, the last of the part of those prolific saga that has made the leap to film of the small screen.

So we talk about them. By its qualitative jump, technically now are no longer only teenagers series of youth but officially “movie stars”. Although we will see that such work his loves of Institute large-scale, although if it serves to make people go to the cinema, seems to me to be super. It can be up to fun, I have the pleasure (or I will have it) to have seen any of the previous sequels, but being a musical imagine it entertaining.

Attention all those who are super fans of these guys: soon they reach Spain. And when I say in brief it is now, I mean, tomorrow day 2 and last, day 3, will be in Madrid.

If they attended their fans in a well known music store in Paris, in Madrid will make the proio so stay well tuned. Us is done.