The Jewels “Lost” Winona Ryder

A few days ago the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode 2008 gala took place and we saw a radiant Winona Ryder to appear sheathed in a dress nude color and precious jewels of Bvlgari, a ring shaped flower and Slavonic oval, both made in diamond bracelet.

It turns out that the parts with an approximate value of 100,000 euros they have disappeared from the hotel reception in Madrid where the actress said it deposited the pieces during their stay in the city. However, the of Bvlgari After reviewing the safety video have made it very clear that they intend to file a complaint with the police if the parts are not returned.

The poor Winona fits perfect the saying of “ creates fame and lie down to sleep “, because after his kleptomania attack a few years ago now be glimpsed that the actress is who has in his possession the jewels “ lost ”. The situation is somewhat ridiculous, because I believe that badly by Ryder who has fared lately has a substantial personal fortune to buy the ring and the bracelet if you would like to.