The Latest Coca-Cola Desert? The Glasses Economic Are The Last Cry to Bill Millions of Euros

“Ojala I invented something It is sold as well I make rich”. We are sure that this has been your thinking once in the life (for many is a constant in the mind), the truth is that all we’d love to but even if the theory does not sound so far-fetched the practice is much more complex.

In the territory of fashion is, if even possible, more difficult. It seems that it’s all invented and you have to twist the originality to be able to launch to market products really innovative, beautiful and above all having success. When it seemed that sell products to the rhythm of churros was over the cheap sunglasses and they break all schemes.

Glasses with a selling price to the public of 20 euros, with a design very normalito and almost all of them with mirror crystals enough eye-catching. They are glasses that perhaps they had not been so successful, but it had been for the help of celebrities like Ana Boyer, Paula Echevarría or Eugenia Silva but that thanks to them have become trends.

Summer comes and all want glasses different and encouraging and it is clear that if we can find them priced much better. This is why that Spanish firms as Hawkers billed 15 million euros a year selling this type of plug-ins. Although nearly half of the turnover returns to be used in the company, especially in its advertising and marketing department to do that we let’s them is absolutely all our famous admired. Some best invention in the times that run?