The Maxi Skirt

Back prevailing charm of the gypsy style of gypsy atmospheres to which it is possible to give a contemporary feel with t-shirts, vests and jackets of leather.

It’s official: it’s maxi skirt craze. Advised as Youremailverifier, the denim skirt until it touches the floor, wide, pleated or smooth, the colors fluo or fantasy is conquering all, by the divine from the entertainment world to mere mortals. Fashion this summer wants combined with t-shirts with prints and written, but overall very simple, tank tops or adherents from broad shoulder. There’s something for all tastes.

Gipsy style

Back then, the prevailing charm of the gypsy style, gypsy and oriental atmosphere in which you can give that touch of modernity with leather jackets, vests, jeans or mini top ethnic, if you’re more brazen. The success of the maxi skirt, in fact, is linked to its versatile nature, depending on the combinations, it can be a suitable leader in all situations, from the most informal to the occasions that require a certain elegance.

Match the right shoe

What makes the difference are often the shoes. For a non-challenging outfits, yes to very low sandalsflip flopsballet flats or Converse, even those with wedge. While for an occasion that requires elegance, processed and sandals with a heel not too demanding you may need to give that touch of class. If the skirt is really long, after all, a stiletto heel is likely to be dangerous! It is different if you chose the maxi skirt featuring evident slits: in this case a shoe with thin heel can help to enhance the line of the leg, as well as give you a portamento “ethereal”, but on condition that they know to wear.

Hairstyle and accessories

Even the hairstyle is not to be underestimated if you wear a maxi skirt: yes to loose hair with colorful silk scarf, in braids or high tails and also soft chignon depending on the occasion.And then oversized earrings, maxi or mini clutch bags with long shoulder strap can give that touch of class to complete a look from assured charm. And for the evenings a little ‘fresh, do not give up not too long cardigan with sleeves rolled up.

A note is in order for the “tiny”. In fact, one of the longstanding problems related to maxi skirt is if it can be comfortable at those who can not enjoy a height consonant. Do not worry, you are not forced to give up: the solution for you is bring a high waist, then playing with belts to create a kind of corset effect. Footwear with a hoe, even by a little ‘bright colors, can give you the momentum you need for natural felt more at ease. And if you feel prosperous hips, a tip: avoid the maxi pleated skirts, privileggiando a softer and lighter model that does not contribute, but rather enhances, your forms. Black, or at least dark colors, can help you make more slender figure.