The Most Handsome of The Euro 2008

One more year in this special euro that we are living, is becoming a ranking of the most handsome. And our Spanish, as it could not be less, they occupy the top positions. Not only the Spanish team is among the top four, since it is in the absence of two matches to be crowned champion of the Euro 2008, but its components to raise passions.

The number 1 in this special ranking occupies it the number 1, the world’s best goalkeeper: Iker Casillas because for me it is, Buffon is second, and I think that Sunday has been largely demonstrated to all those who doubted. About Iker is not always lucky. This guy, so shy and cute, I have to say that no cares much for fashion. She likes to dress casual and comfortable, and he is doing very well. And as what we are talking about is handsome, Iker is very handsome, and your smile is very beautiful, no doubt, its main attraction.

In the second post He is a guy that is totally different from Iker in it comes to issues of beauty. At 22 years, Cristiano Ronaldo born in the island of Madeira, who now triumphs at Manchester United, has it all: beauty, fame, money and women to your around. The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo takes care of his image down to the smallest detail and He likes to go to the latest in fashion.

And in a third place We have one of our youngsters: CESC Fabregas, just 21 years old, is a morenazo with child’s face, very attractive, and that crazy girls more.

With a very similar percentage are Italian Favio-Cannavaro , whose main attraction are its blue eyes and his constant smile, and Fernando Torres. To me this guy I like less, but everyone knows that it raises passions. The rest of the most handsome can see it in the following ranking:

Iker Casillas 79%
Cristiano Ronaldo 74%
CESC Fabregas 72%Favio-Cannavaro 65% Fernando Torres 61% Robin Van Persie 60% 53% Ricardo Quaresma Markus-Rosenberg 50% Luca Toni 49% Lukas Podolski 48%

Two very prominent among the first ten absences are those of the Italian Zambrota, a moreno with athletic body that seems to model, and is not for less, and the German Ballack, a guy that stands out for its elegance and good presence.

I’ll stick with Iker Casillas, and you?