The New and Cool Trends Is to Rescue Your Jacket Barbour

The jacket that the signature Barbour It’s made logo is giving that talk in circles more trendy fashion. And it is thanks to celebrities like Alexa Chung and bloggers as Gala Gonzalez This type of jackets is seeing much in the streets, above all British.

Jacket type Barbour and the husky (another model of padded, waterproof fabric that makes drawings of diamonds) are also great to combine with casual looks of all kinds: flowery dresses, shorts high-waisted jeans, black pants … on Jezebel we show you some Street looks with this type of jacket. Rescue her from your wardrobe!

You can also combine your jacket of its kind with almost everything. A safe bet is that shows us this girl with white shirt and simple jeans. Ideal for any day.

Somewhat more risky proposition of this girl who opts for his part called husky, takes her with dots jersey of H & M in nude and long skirt (one of the strong trends of the season). See large sunglasses is ideal.

Our latest street styler opts for a look rather masculine but we love: blue shirt, pants and boots with laces vintage. A simple outfit for those who want to give a more serious image.