The New Kate Winslet

New face of Lancôme, Kate Winslet has never been so beautiful. The iconic status afforded by this collaboration will certainly please. It was time, while fashion is the cult of youth, the thirty actresses show that they have nothing to envy the ubiquitous small starlets on the stage of it girls.

In its September issue, the British magazine Harper’s Bazaar has dedicated a series of photos to Mrs Winslet. The latter literally radiates glossy paper, with its refined silhouette, her blond candid and determined look. We feel that this woman is far from being an image. Both Madonna and gracile, Kate Winslet demonstrates brilliantly that time can be an ally, that the race to the cult of youth and extreme thinness is not the only way to stay on top.

It is good that the fulfilled women are erected as a model. Mother and fulfilled wife, actress recites his career rhythm of his favorites, far from thinking mass marketing, she prefers to participate in films about him. And that seems to succeed him. Lancôme under doubt made the right choice, Kate Winslet is one of his female character that intrigue and enthrall. More than some muses or future Chanel muses…