The Session Full of Angelina Jolie for Vainity Fair

One of the most beautiful women that are now in the film world, has been the cover of this month at the Vainity Fair. I discussed this already at beginning of month, but they were missing the photographs from the session, see how it was Angelina Jolie in them.

And no one surprises him the following: was amazing, so impressive as always and sensual. It has a special beauty This woman, and she is aware and knows how to exploit it. His light blue eyes in many cases are combined with a very vivid red lipstick that makes creating two foci of interest and an amazing combination of colors.

This could see it in the Home, where he was also wearing a generous cleavage and was very provocative. But Within It is not everything, can also play the letter of the sensuality, When leaves thoughtful and relaxed. Records have and are exploited.

See it with a fluorescent green wig that someone else would be sitting her fatal and instead, to Angelina Jolie It is just as well, and we also see it in a very steamy Brown dress, where it leaves great. The photographer of the session was Patrick Demarchelier.