The Shorts Are for Summer and These Will Make The Difference

The shorts they are one of the essentials in our summer wardrobe, and more if we have to face temperatures as high as this year. We are accustomed to the denim, the colors models, but then there are the SHORTS! Those that they make the difference, that they are not repeated in the street-style and that when we look them all over the world ask us where are? something that we love right? It is synonymous with having triumphed with our choice.

By the day result comfortable, fresh and very feminine. To teach leg, combined with a top that is not very low cut and if you choose them to go to work, committed to a blouse long sleeve. At night are breathtakingly sexy. Among the proposals of the party dominate designs in rhinestone and sequin colors.

  • Sequin colours of cover mini-shorts of BDBA 124,00 EUR
  • Lace shorts from Maje 108,00 EUR
  • Shorts of colored beads of Hoss Intropia 96,00 EUR
  • Lace shorts from Charo Ruiz Ibiza 61,00 EUR
  • Lace shorts and Pearl details of BDBA 99,00 EUR
  • Tribal print shorts from Lentejita 75.00 EUR
  • Shorts in black and white of Bohoo 18,00 euros