The Style of Barbie Rock

If everyone believed that Barbie It was a sweet doll that had friends of all nationalities and ethnic groups, eternal girlfriend of Ken, sister of Kelly and Stacey loving, protective of the animals and politically correct. Perhaps now we can see a more rebellious version and “dirty” of the most famous doll in the world.

And I think that despite all the uproar that has caused this new role portraying the wrist, it was time for Barbie its more than fifty years it will drop hair and appeared more rocker than ever. A mixture of Kate Moss y Rihanna in which the doll appears wearing a tailored leather suit and FishNet, made-up with black eyeliner and intensely dark lips stockings.

Black Canary Barbie It is a limited edition which offers us a more avant-garde vision of Barbie, who first appears as a superheroine with unlimited powers as the “Canary cry” a sound that moves objects and a deep knowledge of the martial arts that make a relentless fighter against injustice. Boots with Golden details and game gloves will make sigh to himself Karl Lagerfeld, who are sure that you manage to design their own.

Superheroes are fashion as patent left the Met Costume Institute gala and Barbie I could not stay behind.