The Three New Fragrances of Sarah Jessica Parker

As water of November I received the news of the launch of three new fragrances by Sarah Jessica Parker, Dawn, Endless and Twilight, and that will take The Lovely Collection name. Although you will have to wait until well into 2009, I’m not going to resist the temptation.

And is that the perfume is like the shoes of: always keep a good pair. The typical guards as gold cloth, whose bottle is all a work of art, and the same going by so subtle and minimal dose that make their almost imperceptible scent. But that’s the fun. Nenuco is to put the colony to kilos already. Although I must admit that I am which is not measured with doses of smells, I love the sound of the psss psss especially with the classic waters of perfume which initially head spin, but whose effect disappears with the passage of the hours.

That is the case of Lovely, the first colony that threw Sarah Jessica, a fresh fragrance that I love, and I say personally, not in plan advertising feature. I love the packaging, I love their soft, and of course smell, and entering the terrain of the silliness, I love to sign it she. And not because I believe that it will become a Carrie Bradshaw, but because it looks good in my cabinet de toilette along with Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney. And soon, “along with their new sisters”.