This New H & M Collection Is Art

The new conscious Colllection of H & M was created in collaboration with the Louvre. Style expert Julia Restoin Roitfeld (35) gives us now a sneak preview of the unique Spring collection.

Fashionistas should mark red this appointment in the calendar: on April 17, 2016 launches H & M some very special pieces. The new ‘conscious collection’ is as sustainable as never before and can also still necessarily look here.

Design team at the Museum
The annual “conscious Collektion” H & M is not least expected always eagerly because of the floor-length dresses and unusual prints, which are seldom in this price class. For the spring collection 2016 has the Swedish fashion house with the Musee of des Arts Decoratifs in Paris Louvre done together. The design team from H & M is submerged deep in the fashion archives of the Museum and brought up among inspirations for the French Symbolist Gustave Moreau. Created a glamorous collection is ‘Red Carpet Pieces’ modern.

Extremely persistent
And that are not only stylish, they set new standards in terms of sustainability: about pearls and rhinestones of recycled glass used for the “concious” collection, many pieces consist of Denimite, a Recycled – denim fabric.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld as advertising face
H & M style icon Julia Restoin Roitfeld in the boat has brought as a Goodwill Ambassador for the collection. The daughter by ex-‘Vogue’ editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld (61) is from the symbiosis between art and fashion and away. “I find the idea of fantastic, to create a collection, which is inspired by the art and history of fashion”, she said in the statement.