Timberland Spring 2009 Shoe Collection

Timberland home It has proposed for the new season of Spring-Summer 2009 new and wide to fit us in these days of summer so we are looking forward already. The variety evident: boots, ankle boots, shoes and slippers, covering several styles. We find imitations of the Desert boot Clarks up to something more elegant and less conspicuous reissues of the Dr. Martens sophisticated version.

But we go step by step by analyzing each option that offers.

We started with the shoes. Timberland bet by the colors Brown, Brown, candy and beiges without innovation in as far as it colors we refer. Precisely this House is characterized by following a line of basic quite well defined and usually does not deviate from the road, as it is that by which many customers opt for this: evil had better known that good to know. Suede and leather shoes most of them, only for those who know how to treat a good shoe (unfortunately not I think of them) then you know that you to clean suede, It brings them and they are not exactly with what shoes out of farra without paying them a minimum of attention and care.

With regard to the boots, We see two styles well differences. On the one hand a more tejano style, with high collar boots, to the the Dr Marten style leather and suede with two different types of skin (and therefore of colors) to give a touch of originality. On the other hand, neck boots means that, without boots, resemble them enough. In Brown and black with the reinforced toe to prevent wear, since it is the area of the shoe that, without being protected, it suffers more damage.

Among the types of shoes described above, we find an option that my taste is exquisite. And is the same boot that before you hababamos but this time playing with the colors protection of the toe in a Maroon and beige or brown with brown-colored goretex sole also. No doubt a very elegant footwear, in the style of Panama Jack, but without forgetting the quality finishes and fabrics of the Timberland House.

Finally, the flip flops with strips of leather that offers Timberland they are also an option to consider. Available in three different, light brown, dark colors and white and varying the design of them between crossed strips and a single strip with grip on the foot. Personally I bet for the first, mostly because the last I have a tad of dislike for not be able to get used to walking the Strip between the fingers and cause me gall.