Tip: Spend with Adjustments to Not Spend on More Clothes

Leave the clothes that you already have the perfect body – if they are not already – it can’t cost much, after all there are adjustments that are not so cheap so-and-demand for skilled labor. However, this expense can be far less than to be digging through the malls and buying parts repeated until you find “the chosen one”.

Tip Spend with Adjustments to Not Spend on More Clothes

The problem

To go out in search of a jeans perfect, for example, we are faced many times with parts, medians, whose set of qualities up can seduce us and lead us to purchase, but may not placate our desire for the clothes ideal. The result is that we spend with a piece, knowing that soon it will buy another in the hope of finding what we consider to be the “Holy Grail” of men’s fashion.

The solution

But have you ever stopped to think that if the problem is just the trim (and is in 99% of cases) it is much easier to adjust what you already have than to find what you want, and that, by the way, may not even exist? I say this because the clothing standard was made to serve in all, but ended up not serving anyone, what we get and like it in truth is pure luck.

I have a reasonable amount of jeans, many of them have the trim nice, but only one I consider perfect, and already I was thinking seriously to adjust a half dozen of them in accordance with this sweetheart Levi’s 511 that neither the own brand makes more with this shape, even though the label says that this is the same model. Because this is another aggravating factor: even the mainstream brands make small changes in the fit of their models, be they classics or not.

Ask the opinion of a professional

The next time you complain about a shirt that is very wide or a blazer that has some leftover that bother you, take the piece to someone who can adjust it and ask for a budget, it may be a better deal than punching in the tip of the knife!

At the end of the day it is easier to adapt the fashion to you by your own account of what to expect her to do this alone, additionally it saves you time and money!