Tips Brazilian Fashion Women

Did you know that, so rich that go national creations, we turn a follow fashion? It is the Brazilian fashion, appraisal given by foreign fashionistas for national productions. For several decades followed the style trends out there and notes the fashion weeks in New York, London and Paris. But everything changed when national designers and social personas decided not to matter, but have their own style and inspiration, perhaps only cuts and models, but local creations.

The proposal in the 2000s was not to copy, but invent. Several designers have begun to dare and be inspired by the fact that we use here, according to our climate and our style, and not what is used on the streets of Europe and the United States. After all, only one region of the country is equal to the cold European. The other must adapt parts summer fashion the caliente and intense atmosphere. Then, create a uniquely Brazilian fashion was not just a trend but a necessity.

What Just Part of Brazilian Fashion?

Everyone knows that some parts of the displays are not for oneself, but used because they are beautiful. But what is our production it? You know what really is Brazilian fashion, made for Brazilians and even exported? We have a number of trends such as:

Indian prints – a stylist used, many Europeans loved the prints based on tribal designs, elegant, asymmetrical, at the same time poetic, to compose blouses, pants and fabrics. He started here and turned fever for nearly two years in Europe.

Estampa Romero Britto – everything that has the name Romero Brito is ours: the artist and his prints of the paintings being used in everything is different article to decorate and dress. Today we have the formal market (with permission of the artist) or informal playing his paintings on dresses, pants, blouses, jackets and everything you imagine and it’s all fashion!

Income beach output – not even the Europeans at their highest heat used beach output. North Americans have the habit of wearing ordinary clothes to go to the sea. Outputs the beach prepared with income, with transparency, they came here and became fever in several countries by the play between the sensual and discreet. They are stylish and chic at the same time, since income is an expensive fabric.

Prints with Amazonian plants – floral prints everyone has, but using native plants here and found only Chi is only the people who know it. Our fabrics with prints of native flowers and leaves are exported all over the world and renowned designers love our colors.

Use open yellow and blue – this trend began here too. There are those who fight not to use, but the vibrant colors and considered anti fashion for a good part of the people is a combination that only national designers love and spare no effort to show on the screen.

Stylists Who Make the Brazilian Fashion to be a Success

Alexandre Birman – designer shoes that started here, but won the world such is their creativity to innovate in shoes. In some collections he follows with national colors applications.

Charlotte Dellal – Charlotte draws accessories and is not based on anything other than your mind to create their models. Its extremely high shoes has retro touches, ie it seeks inspiration from the past to create and Brazilian past. Every now and then comes a blue, bright yellow, bright green and a lot of nice thing that our culture show every day.

Samuel Cirnansck – the stylite is one of the most beloved of celebrities because it values ​​what few creators do: Brazilian curves. We cannot think that we are equal because we are not. Our curves are much more emphasized and Samuel, the favorite for red carpet of national tops, says hip and bust values ​​in all creations, so he already exports to style our parts also national colors.

Wagner Kallieno – the northeastern innovates with a mix of its traditional culture of the Northeast, with fringes and ruffles and pretty jeans, and ruffles and other traits in pieces that only national outfits have. It invests in color and also exports.