Tom Ford, Cocaine Perfume?

Coincidence or deferred media coup, the issue remains unresolved. However rumor, one of 12 fragrances in Tom Ford had a strange smell… cocaine.

When, last spring, Tom Ford launched a line of exclusive perfume, composed of 12 ultra luxurious bottles, we rejoiced the return on the center stage of our favorite Texan. The choice of these components scents fragrances was the subject of much attention from the former artistic director of Gucci. They had to be strong, almost sensual, even carnal.

He chose among others amber for sensuality, vanilla (for he says addicted to sugar) and patchouli that instantly transports the heart of Santa Fe hippies years: ” In Santa Fe, a little artist town there hippies were returning from India haloed oil of patchouli and marijuana clouds. I thought it was super cool.” Very cool? Tom Ford is likely to bite the fingers as these small talk will take a whole new meaning to current hearsay.

At the heart of the controversy? The perfume “Tuscany Leather”, the one Tom Ford claimed the body almost peculiar smell. This perfume would smell actually cocaine, an expert says that indeed there are many similarities between the two odors … Sellers interviewed in the Tom Ford boutique on Madison Avenue say this is that all their customers are saying (curious, I I do not know that smell …). Some of them buy regularly and especially this bottle to $ 165 because they would be persuaded to breathe some illegal substance… Psychosis? Intox? Fluke?

Tom Ford refuses to comment, only his press secretary agreed to answer wooden language version citing the components of the perfume: saffron, raspberry, leather and thyme. Nothing very psychedelic … In any case, whether it some years ago with the launch of porno chic or now with a color cartel fragrance, Tom Ford has not finished headlines…