Trend: All Eyes in the Autumn of 2013 – Do or Don ’ t?

Kenzo us since this brilliant comebacks downright despair drove. First, the design duo made consisting of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (on top of that opening ceremony mastermind) us quite balmy if all their genius. Our consumer-infested heart consumed after cleverly inserted signature sweaters along with iconic animal head print. The result: A tiger-supporting army formed from the tents of fashion weeks and massacred by the blogosphere. Meanwhile surrendered to the own fanbase before the inevitable uniformity, some even completely avoids the former favorite sweater, other access at the end, but fear the bitter taste: „ you fashion victim „ is them when Kenzo namely on the forehead written.

Kenzo responds promptly and presented us with an alternative: how about with … Eyes?

Eyes, aha. Again clever, because the “Kenzo” lettering is no longer necessary. Fashion resourceful know this coming fall either way, that it is hype fire the. Brand madness without the brand to show, more or less. Others call it geheucheltes understatement. And yet: the print meets the spirit of the times.

The Finnish “original hipster” behind “LCMDF” did it relatively early: MENTAL HEALTH is the next big thing. They sang a few minutes ago about Ghandi, hairs attached to the forehead Bindis, did yoga. In their latest tracks, they’re looking for enlightenment, the current EP trilogy itself is mental health.

Also the fashion of the past few seasons spoke tucked away a spiritual language. Acne for example looked after Mumbai and were inspired by Indian culture, Chanel overdid it a little. And during the 90s, parallels between the look of the spiritual and the fashionable extroverted existed through all the rave and maybe even ecstasy. We must not mention probably at this point that the 90s again set the tone. The eye as a new symbol of it was so sure not quite carelessly chosen.

All images via Instagram.