Trend Socks In Sandals 2014 – Can Finally Make Or Be Forever?

Off on this occasion (I am including blisters on feet in Lisbon, but is for healing, open shoes’s too cold) we ask the question on the 2010 simply no reply find wants to settle once again: you can bury any cliches and prejudices in the backyard and quite confidently wear socks in sandals?

Who now wants to intervene, because the same manner but long course and give you be, which has only partly right: socks to pumps and plateaus are now although considered socially acceptable, who but dares used on Celine’s Furkenstocks or just puts shoes on original, it has still difficult. Yes, is the most comfortable of all fashion ideas can actually ever prevail? 

Basically I believe that not much of the word “never”, because even the snootiest of fashion editors, who for many years acknowledged flat shoes with nasty nose pineal and things said as „ I’ll never SO the House leave “, now praise the health trend and hunt in the Sandals of a show to the other – basically a trend must be so maybe just expensive enough , to assess. But not so in the case of „ sock kisses sandal “. Same combination takes place is hardly on the road, but in all the glossy magazines and editorials.
Lack ourselves not the courage for such verschrieene fashion experiments, but more often the understanding. “He does not eat what the farmer does not know”, it says finally and for the eyes and brain, it is not easy to get rid of all the popular toUri and old men’s cliches. Does the adaptation phase last so long?

I do not claim that every one of us up there shown that going to find pretty, yes finally a little crazy. And yet, I would like a bit more tolerance. Who grumbles about carrier of the combination of socks sandals, and loudly and down judgmental (which is very often the case), the encounters great lack of understanding with me. Because continues to be: let the people but make, and: say never, but never, never “never”, otherwise there are the others, which can laugh out loud at the end.