Try: the H & M Conscious Collection + We’re Giving away 10 x the Jungle Pouch!

Before a few weeks ago we had you already served the campaigns pictures of the upcoming conscious collection, the more sustainable line of H & M – us singer and Johnny Depp-ex Vanessa Paradis in the lead role. Of course were we all back at the sight of floral prints and away and this saucy French beauty, dressed in jungle dreams, made us an appetite for all the summer dresses, blouses and trousers in addition. Eventually we unfortunately awoke from our daydreams and us had to admit being itself unfortunately by no means like Mademoiselle of Paradis. And that we therefore also don’t look in the current collection of conscious would like it. Schade.

As the individual pieces on because that’s kinda mean, and you know that Yes never “real bodies” work, we have fished out our personal favorite parts from the collection and try them for you. Indeed, we really and truly would carry, in combination with our own wardrobe. The good news: We are still there and away. It is just stupid that weather yet always don’t want to play with and we can sometimes only dream to leave the House in the white dress. After all, do you so give it some time to consider whether there is also something for you? (The collection is starting this week and gradually in the stores!)

Dress & Cap:
Peplum top:

Pants suit:

Shorts & lace leggings:

As we do not give away small thanks to you ten this together with H & M also total in the shop of available jungle pouch:
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We express all thumbs and big toes.
Drawn is next Wednesday (20.Marz).