Vans Celebrates 25 Years of the Half Cab with the New Version of Tennis

In 1989, Vans has launched a sneaker knee high that was first signed in the history of the brand. The model that received the endorsement of Steve Caballero had the high pipe, but this did not last long, in 1992 the skater noticed that the boys were cutting a piece of tennis! The athlete took the idea to the Vans and advised that the new product is called the Half Cab®.

Vans Celebrates 25 Years of the Half Cab with the New Version of Tennis

How did the Vans Half Cab

The brand was smart and noticed that the audience was, in his own way, communicating to their tastes and needs, it was in this way that was born one of the icons of skatewear world, being copied from the exhaustion soon after.

The new model

The Half Cab® is today the tennis signed over time in the market: are 25 years of success that could not go unchallenged this year, Vans releases two versions of the Half Cab Pro XXV – constructed with ballistic nylon, suede, special details such as tags and commemorative embroidery to the “XXV” on the back.

The two models are complete, with the system of impact-absorbing ULTRACUSH™ HD, internal reinforcement in Duracap™ outsole and ProVulc.

In addition to tennis, this pack is complemented with two t-shirts printed with historical images of Caballero.

Where to find Vans Half Cab XXV

The pack “Half Cab XXV” is available in skateshops authorized in Brazil and in