Victoria Beckham Cover of Allure

Women’s Beckham is one of the famous timeless, is always present although not launch any new clothing line or becomes more disastrous photos with Marc Jacobs. It has that facility to exit in the media taking advantage of the tumult of her husband, and his already consecrated reputation.

Thus, all his appearances have relevance, discussed them, especially my colleague Laia, who is becoming a little follower of it despite its early reticence. I believe that the style of Victoria Beckham is very contentious, the entire budget of the world you have to be able to dress the best brands, the best designs and newly-launched, but sometimes sins of extravagant.

Now we have her on the cover of the Allure magazine, with its intact face, with a null expression and always putting cold and calculating woman’s face. In other words, more of the same. If ever, any magazine can remove it with a gesture or a WinCE that invites to think that is to laugh (pull it out laughing is impossible), it would be the best-selling magazine in a long time.