Victoria Beckham Pillada “Red-Handed” Stealing

When I read this news, I was stunned. Victoria Beckham caught “ red-handed ” stealing What do you think? This is the latest celebrity of lot of money and also steals.

It seems that Vicky, during his stay in London, went to do some Christmas shopping for the best shops in the city and made a stop at the famous great Harrods stores. There was where security cameras caught her removing a dress.

Maybe that Vicky was an oversight and mixed with their purchases, forgot to pay for the dress. When the alarm is fired, the security guard found that the garment had not been paid to the stupor of the divine, that surprised said he did not know how could it happen. So far there are no photographs of the event, but says that yes there are, so how much have them teach them you.

From Harrods they took her to the comisria, where the singer had to pay a deposit of $12,000 to exit the same where he remained on hold for hours in police custody. Are we facing a new case of Winna Rayder?