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VIP Outfits

Vip leisure, Look how they dress the stars in everyday life? Are you curious to discover the star outfit in everyday life? Here is a gallery dedicated to the most beautiful women in the world of the star system and their look. Will be promoted or rejected? The choice is yours!

VIP Outfits

Usually we are used to seeing celebrities on special occasions where their looks are designed ad hoc and attention to every detail. But how are the vip during your everyday life? From Manhattan to Los Angeles, from Rome to Milan, the vip look in free time often divide as to taste and combinations.

There are those who like a tasteful style and etiquette, who does not give up to the trends of the season wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, and who loves to get noticed with creative and colorful outfits. But the street style of the star always has some distinctive element that makes up a jeans and a sweatshirt in jersey. Find out what are the main features of the star outfit that hardly VIP know say no.

What is certain is that the VIP do not renounce ever trendy style details. Whether it’s a tote bag, a model of vintage glasses, a fur vest or a wide-brimmed hat, it is difficult to addinul the temptation to stand out in the crowd. Examples include some beautiful outfit available in gallery, like Sarah Jessica Parker with tote bag Fendi paired with a pencil skirt and a cleavage in red check pattern, or like the casual look of Emma Stone with wide-brimmed hat and wide dress blue.

There are also star who like casual look comfortable to wear on days of relaxation and who do not hesitate to wear a pair of pants and a sneaker. Jeans are pants always most loved by VIPs who enjoy wearing very different models, making them more or less sporty depending on the combinations. If you think about Miranda Kerr with tight jeans, boots, over size blue and white striped shirt and dark leather maxi bag, the outfit is casual and very glamorous; If instead follow the example of Natalie Portman with skinny jeans, white t-shirt and sneakers maxi, the look will be soapy and girl next door.

No shortage of colorful outfits and star in fantasy, choosing extravagant outfits that do not go unnoticed. Examples include the striped outfit shown off by some beautiful women of the star system, confirming one of the trends of the summer: Gwen Stefani with horizontal black and white striped long dress and Taylor Swift with bon ton dress with big blue and white stripes are two examples definitely cool to copy to your summer days.

Among the floral patterns that cannot be absent, much loved by celebrities: Maria Sharapova with floral pants, gray jersey top, maxi bag and dancer, sports a sophisticated and casual look, while the look of Eva Mendes with high waist floral print pencil skirt, white shirt knotted at the waist and clear wedge gives the beautiful actress from Latin charm a lovely touch vintage flavor.

In the gallery you will find lots of outfit of celebrities in your spare time: to select your Favorites and create your own look inspired by the star in your spare time , and why not, even in everyday life. Are you ready to become a star for a day?