We Have Wool Lust!

One is as safe in the cold season, such as the annual arrival of Santa Claus: knitting dominated also this autumn and winter fashion. Our site presents the latest knitting trends, which are highly recommended!

This fall is not just damn cuddly, but it also still really good looks! Should now put an end to your imagination of sweater with Turtleneck be, it applies as soon as possible to change something.

On knitting all the designers were unable to agree for this season and sent wool in all variants on the catwalk: whether in the sporting half-Zip Sweater style at Louis Vuitton as the sexy Lace Sweater version of Isabel Marant – already the trend part of fashionistas and stars – for every taste is something.

Our site presents the 7 main knitting trends – the Nachshoppen!

1. lace-up sweater

If you want to lie to only a single sweater for this season, then you should access be sure to the cord sweater, the successor of the Bondage shirts. Since Isabel Marant presented the lace pullover in September on her show, he is almost sold out. Even fashionistas such as Gigi Hadi (20) get snap breathing if they don’t make it on the forever long waiting list. What makes him so desirable? He is the perfect portable and sexy. Which wool sweaters can say that? Great – and not objectionable – in combination with a bang-tight leather pants

2. Fair Isle sweater

Also known under the name Norwegian sweater, sweater species is nothing more with the former eco-image from the 1980s. Typical characteristics for a fair Isle sweaters are the patterned round match. At J.Crew, we see how the sweater now trend according to is worn, namely in the tough break in style! So no corduroy trousers and glasses combine to do so, but an elegant silk skirt and a leather jacket. Also a part in bright yellow fits perfectly to the beige Norwegian sweater

3. Troyer sweater

With high zip collar, so-called Troyer probably familiar Wool Sweater from a skiing holiday. But actually it is the Workwear by sailors, preferably wearing the sweater in dark blue. Isabel Marant shows how the cool-feminine version is styled by 2015: because the sweater looks quite masculine, feminine for example a colorful chiffon mini skirt should the lower part,

4. cable knit sweater

Knitted sweaters are old hat with cable pattern. But this season they present in a completely new look: colorful! Striking! Just wow! From the classic Aran sweater (fisherman sweater, originating from the Irish Island Aran) in cream lot no longer remains. With as much flamboyance the rest outfit keeps discreetly in the background. Classic Blue Denims are best to

5. block stripe sweater

Probably we were wearing sweaters with colorful stripes last in our childhood. Thanks to designers such as J.Crew (image), Miu Miu and Gucci (not the classic blue white stripes) are the colourful again presentable even for seasoned women over 30. Although this jumper trend looks easy: take distance of jeans and sneakers outfit, that but a little too reminiscent of the kindergarten days. These sweaters need a strong, adult break in style. For example, with a sexy leather bottom, like in the color of the Strip

6 Lurex sweater

Strictly speaking, it’s with Lurex sweaters not a knitting, but a mesh. But we turn a blind eye even this great trend… Glittering Lurexpullover 2015 have freed their 80ies-trash image and be worn now even in the evening. Cool look, because unfamiliar: the combination with a knee-length pleated skirt. Please just no leggings to wear!

7 bi-tone sweater

Prints are a must in the fashion – also in the knitwear. However, the patterns are not printed, but from mid front. These patterns are called marquetry. Especially front graphic intarsia sweaters in black and white are this fall. Fashion professionals such as the Brazilian Stylistin Helena Bordon help as well with two part. The combination with a wool pants or a MIDI skirt in black is suitable for everyday use and elegant