We Should Remember: Bettina Bakdal

We do not exactly know what fashion abstinence exactly did designer Bettina Bakdal over the past 10 years. We don’t even know whether she years turned the back of fashion or has finishing just off the public. We only know that Bettina Bakdal is back: with their own label, monochromatic looks, sculptural silhouettes, graphic elements and a fairly clear vision in mind:

long-lasting classics newly interpreted, are body-also as per and without equal in the model sink, think the term “cocooning” continues quite naturally (and strip off all the negative associations with equal) and combine Scandinavian coolness and straightforwardness with monochromatic looks and a warm color palette, reminiscent of a Patonefacher.

In Copenhagen Bettina Bakdal each case is known as a sore – and this should be the case in this country now also speedily. Vo nine years founded the Danish Konrog, a design collective consisting of eight designer – with the aim: to lift Danish design on an international level. In addition to her job as senior designer at Inwear and lecturer at the Kolding School of design, she founded together with Konrog a showroom and even a shop.

Where bit at work we can understand well, that there is enough space for creative work is (like the woman does that?) – and so she stamped their own label unceremoniously Bettina Bakdal from the ground and devoted to her own baby, her own style and own challenges.

And what is so special about Bettina Bakdal?

– Perfection. Linearity meets egg-shape silhouette przise tailoring meets meets turtle neck.

– Cowls which literally enchanted us.

-Samt and puff sleeves, which finally again conjure up a different silhouette in combination with MIDI skirts.

– Flat shoes in all colors. The men’s shoe is experiencing a revival with Bettina Bakdal.

– Character models!

– Silhouettenfern even bore. Protects against cold and co.

Here you very as model by the way, our beloved network blogger MARIA.