What are Good Shoes for Pregnancy

For pregnant women shoes. How can we reconcile pregnant heels and shoes? We see the right shoes for each quarter.

What are Good Shoes for Pregnancy

If dressing during pregnancy has become almost a game of girls thanks to the many specialized brands and sparkling themed collections by storm in the network, with an eye to the style of some famous moms like Charlene of Monaco , a very different speech is one of the shoes wear during the nine months sorely test his back and joints. So how do they reconcile pregnant heels and shoes? Personally, I managed to get to the fateful day of childbirth and to get by, doing the gymkhana between my old shoes and some new purchase meant to be worn after the birth.

Thanks to a friend’s physiotherapist valuable advice I managed to avoid many mistakes that were likely to amplify some negative implications of waiting and to limit heavy legs, swollen feet and back to pieces. If you have recently discovered that she is pregnant, are planning to put in the yard a little baby, or the baby is not that far away from being born again do not put fire to your precious shoe rack, some changes and few suitable items will be enough to survive without putting at risk ankles & Co.

Shoes for the first trimester of pregnancy

Nine months is a long time and allow you to gradually adapt to the needs of the body that changes quickly. Some high-heeled shoes for special occasions you can still afford it, provided you do not stand too upright and to pay careful attention to the falls, which could prove to be really disastrous. From the third month pregnancy enters a rather pleasant phase, often annoying initial symptoms abated and the everyday and professional life moving forward very fast. It is a good time to prepare for the next period by carefully choosing heels and shoes when pregnant. You begin to prefer the large ones stiletto heels, and do not exceed seven centimeters in exceptional cases. Be careful to kitten heels, these elegant cleats that are often too thin to ensure a sufficiently solid support. The wedges not too high and well balanced are a good compromise between comfort and style that you can still lead to a few months.

Shoes for the second trimester of pregnancy

Watchwords: comfort and stability, you are in the heart of the second phase of development and not surely will make it hard to say goodbye to laces and strings marking the ankles, one of the major allies of the swelling, which, as you know, is one of the phenomena more frequent in the last months of pregnancy. Banned pregnancy flip flops and also the dancers, satin-earth fatigues heel tendons and facilitates water retention The belly starts to get noticed, but social occasions are not lacking? Do not give up that bit of coquetry feminine tailoring footwear to the season and the occasion, preferring high heels 4-5 cm wide, better still firmly wrapped around the ankle version boots and ankle boots. A friendly solution could be models with interchangeable heels, there are various types available easily online (eg on Tanya Heath site) that will allow you to wear shoes custom adaptable later.

Prefer the rigid, non-slip soles and do not be groped by the flat espadrilles, really unsuitable, unless you find some model with the right wedge

Shoes for the third trimester of pregnancy

The last period before giving birth is undoubtedly the most intense and delicate. Estrogen and relaxin produced in large quantities during the weeks before childbirth are likely to make matters even more dancers joints. Doubled attention and carefully avoided the shoes with significant slopes. Take the opportunity to add to your wardrobe, if you have not already done so, a nice pair of sneakers well amortized, the kind with the springs and the gel at the right heel so to speak, that you probably already have if you are sporting in nature or you have decided to launch yourself in gymnastics for expectant mothers. Your feet will thank and you can also put them to go to hospital. Later they prove particularly valuable for jumping and running after a newcomer.