What Happens Outside the Fashion Shows?

We are still talking about parades, to seek and peck blurt images practically everywhere, in newspapers, on the home of magazines, on social. And so I say, it’s easy to know what goes on inside a tent or an old building chosen as a location by the designer of the moment. In fact (by the way), I do not understand why so many people are destroyed for trying to grab an invitation.That is, even I’m interested to see some foo what he proposed for next season. But it’s easy to find out from any magazine or web portal that has a fashion section. Who will have to go there go and do their work. The rest in my opinion should not heat up much. I say this because, on the other hand, what happens is the exact opposite. Outside the catwalks there is delirium. Always.Most people flock out there also not having an invitation. And maybe try to enter. I do not know, I still this year I wanted to play something else. Photographing everything that happens outside without even consider what happens inside. I enjoyed watching the result.


Meanwhile, thank you for moral support and material Ylenia who chased people to realize this idea. Anyway, it’s funny the strategic ambush of photographers, bloggers, curious that almost camped patiently waiting for the vip shift from immmortalare.

Some people are also them of the hours!

We report the events that take place unabated during FW. A Codest events instead, you must be careful buffet corner, where they could be of brawls.

But so there you go just to admire the presenzazione of the leaders.


But there is also need to point out another aspect I really critical notice of the matter. It’s out that perhaps the real show happens. Did you see all these photos? Are full of interesting details.Of unlikely pairings but innovative and beautiful. Heads of unprecedented clothing, accessories reminiscent eyes. And who goes to fashion shows is people who understand, are people who have to look for inspiration. I will treasure this great photo gallery that just 2 days before the start of fashion week already consisted of 300 shots.

It is wonderful to see details mixed together with almost no sense. People from all over the world that communicate with a look or a gesture some of their habits and their culture. Milan these days turns into a big school of fashion … and beyond. Do not you agree?